Indian Dessert Chena Murki: Weekend Treats

Indian Dessert, Chena Murki, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

There is no end to the dessert options in Indian Cuisine.

Popularly called Mithai, you can have the mouth watering Rasogulla, Gulab Jamun, Burfi, Kalakand, Rajbhog, Peda, Laddoo and the list is endless.

But, there are many festivals in India, in which those who observe vrat or fast, can have phalahaar (comprising of Satvik food).

Milk and milk products are considered to be Satvik food.

Chena Murki (displayed in the picture) is made of Chena (paneer/ cottage cheese), and it can be consumed by those who are observing fast or vrat.

Paneer or Chena can be easily prepared at home.

Just add sugar, grated coconut (fresh or dried), and green cardamom powder.

Combine all ingredients and cook for 5 minutes and it’s ready.

For the detailed recipe, please refer to the link below.

Easy Indian Dessert : Chena Murki for Vrat and Festivals


Monsoon Special: Weekend Treats

The Indian Masala Chai ©Chitrangadasharan
The perfect snack for the rainy season, Pyaz ke pakode with masala chai ©Chitrangadasharan

What would you do, if you are confined to your home due to the rainy season, during weekends?

In India, Chai and pakoda is everyone’s favourite, during the rainy season.

Rains do something magical to the senses,

When every living creature is happy, and feels rejuvenated.

And there is a food for every mood, isn’t it?

The chai/ masala chai or tea contains nutritious herbs, and has a rich aroma.

Pakodas can be made of many different ingredients. But, my favourite is onion pakoda/ pyaz pakoda.

Enjoy the rainy season, and of course the weekend.

Homemade Pizza: Weekend Treats


Weekend time is to relax and also try something exciting and different from the regular menu choices.

Normally in Indian homes, the lunch and dinner consists of Roti, daal, chawal, sabji, raita, salad etc.

But, I believe that on weekends it should a different menu, usually planned and cooked at home. It’s a good idea to involve the family members, especially kids in preparing the lunch or dinner.

Pizzas are easily available at food joints or through delivery. But, it’s an enjoyable experience to make everything from the scratch.

So, enjoy virtually the Paneer pizza— Homemade.

Raisin, Cinnamon Cake: Weekend Treats

Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

When you want to make your loved ones smile,

Bake a cake,

When you feel relaxed, because it’s weekend,

Bake a cake,

When you are feeling a bit low,

Bake a cake,

When you have something to celebrate,

Bake a cake,

Happiness is- – – – –

Baking a cake for your loved ones.


Halwa, Kheer as Prasad: Weekend Treats

Suji Halwa as Prasad, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan
Rice Kheer as Prasad, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan
Picture via Google
Picture via Google

Anyone familiar with the Indian traditions, must be familiar with the significance of Prasad (offerings) in Puja (worshipping.)

Though there can be many food items, fruits, dry fruits etc. which we can offer in pujas, the most common Prasad is Halwa, Kheer and seasonal fruits.

Today is the auspicious day of Shri Jagannath Yatra, and therefore I thought of sharing the Prasad, which I have offered to Lord Jagannath.

Halwa, can be prepared with wheat flour, suji (semolina), Besan (black gram flour), dry fruits Halwa and many more.

Halwa is prepared with pure desi ghee and sugar or jaggery, dry nuts, and other ingredients, with devotion and purity.

Rice Kheer is prepared with rice, milk, dry nuts, cardamom, sugar or jaggery, again with devotion and purity.

After offering to the Lord, the Prasad has a unique divine taste.

My best wishes to everyone for a Blessed Rath Yatra day.

Jai Jagannath 🙏🙏

Birthdays Make You Feel Special

Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan
Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

Birthdays are special days, and we make sure that the birthday person feels happy and special. Spending time with family and friends, with good food, gifts, birthday wishes, music, dance and what not!

Then there are various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and others, which are flooded with birthday wishes.

Then there are phone calls, video calls and other advanced technologies to make you feel special and happy for your special day.

All this sounds so good, and the birthdays are really special nowadays.

However, when I was younger, and there was no social media, birthdays were celebrated by visiting the temples, receiving blessings from the elders of the family, new clothes, having sweets or some delicious homemade food and all that.

Those were days of joint family system and there were so many people within the family, that there was no need to go outside or invite others.

It was always a celebration time.

After my marriage, my father, mother, grandfather always sent me letters (handwritten, of course) on the occasion of my birthdays.

Those letters are my precious possessions, even now.

Rice kheer and sweets were a must for prasad on birthdays, but cakes were optional.

Well, now I prepare all the delicacies— the auspicious and traditional kheer, Laddoos, and of course cakes, because it’s always good to carry on and combine the traditions with modernity.


The elders

Weekend Treats: Walnut, Cinnamon Cupcakes

Walnut, Cinnamon Cupcakes, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

Weekends are special, and the quality time we spend with our family, can be made more enjoyable, by cooking something delicious.

Cooking is an an expression of love and care, and also it is an art.

There are immense possibilities, if you have interest in this creative art.

Not only that, cooking is therapeutic too.

When you see the joy on the faces of your loved ones, it gives you pleasure and satisfaction.

This weekend I am sharing the recipe of Walnut, Cinnamon Cupcakes.

I like cupcakes more than the other cakes, because it’s easier to serve, and you can watch your portion as well.

Try it and have a wonderful weekend with family!

Please follow the link for the details of this recipe.

Easy to bake, Walnut, Cinnamon Cupcake Recipe

Weekend Treats: Mango Delights

The King of Fruits: Indian Mangoes, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

The sweet coo-coo of the Cuckoo or the Asian Koel in the morning reminded me, that it’s the season of Mangoes, the King of fruits in India.

Yes, the Koel announces the arrival of mangoes, and passing through the villages, while on a road trip, you can have the pleasure of experiencing the unmistakable aroma of the ripe mangoes.

Who doesn’t love it’s sweet and Royal taste! I think everyone, irrespective of their age, love the season of mangoes, and want to enjoy as many of them, as possible, because it’s a seasonal fruit.

Raw or ripe, mangoes are a versatile fruit, with recipes of many possibilities.

In India, it has religious and spiritual significance too, and it’s leaves are considered auspicious for puja ( worship), or Toran ( door decorations, to welcome good luck).

Mangoes are not only delicious, but they are full of nutritional value.

Raw mangoes are good for pickles, chutneys, and is beneficial against Sun stroke and dehydration. Aam paana, with mint leaves is a popular drink, made in almost every household in India, during the summer season.

You may eat the ripen mangoes, as it is, or turn them into varieties of desserts, shakes, etc.

If you are interested to know more about the King of fruits, or some interesting recipes, please do follow the following link, for further details.

Enjoy this season of mangoes.

Easy, yummy Ripe Mangoes Recipes


Weekend Treats— Saffron, Cardamom Kulfi

Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan Kesar-Ilaichi Kulfi

Who doesn’t like desserts! I think all of us do like it.

Each day is special, but Weekends are fun, because everyone in the family is relaxed.

So, anything to bring more happiness to the family.

Homemade food is delicious, because it contains an important ingredient, which you will not find otherwise.

That secret ingredient is — ‘Love.’

Try this dessert, more popularly known as “Kulfi” in India.

There can be many flavour variations, when making “Kulfi”, such as Kesar-Pista Kulfi (Saffron-Pistachios), Gulab Kulfi (Rose), Malai Kulfi (Cream), Mango Kulfi and many more.

Here I am sharing the recipe of Saffron-Cardamom Kulfi (Kesar—Ilaichi Kulfi), perfect for the summer evenings.

For details of the recipe please follow the link, and Enjoy with family.