Weekend Treats: Alcohol Free Beverages

Easy to make non- alcoholic beverages

Whenever, we sit down and relax with family and friends, it’s quite common to have some beverages.

There are so many choices, like tea, coffee and others.

But, how about having something healthy, nutritious and also yummy!

It’s especially good for children, if you can serve them something, which is yummy, as well as with lot of nutritional value.

And, it’s always good to avoid serving alcoholic drinks to them, and some others, who have some health issues.

Here, I have shared some extremely healthy drinks, which includes watermelon, oranges, pineapple, coconut milk, guava and others.

Remember to serve the kids in an attractive way, because children love well served food.

Please follow the link to know the details of preparation and presentation of 7 interesting alcohol free drinks.

7 Easy to Prepare Non- Alcoholic Drinks or Beverages

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