Soulful voice of Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar , Google Images

The legendary singer, the Nightingale of India has passed away on 6th February, 2022.

Like many Indians, I have not seen or met her, but her passing away seems like a personal loss.

We have been listening to her soulful voice, since childhood. She is a part of us, almost every one of us.

Everyone has to leave this World, at some point of time, but it’s the great souls like Lata Mangeshkar, who live forever. You simply cannot forget them, because they live through their unforgettable songs.

Music is powerful, it can connect people from across the boundaries. In fact, music has no language. If it comes from the heart, it reaches hearts. That’s the reason, people of all age groups, across many generations are familiar with the voice of Lata Mangeshkar.

All these days, I was reading about her life, her achievements, which I am sure, everyone knows about.

It’s difficult to choose one, or two or ten favourite songs of Lataji.

Each one of her songs are soul touching, whether a happy or a sad song, whether devotional or patriotic songs.

For every emotion, there is a song sung by her, which automatically comes to mind. Whether it’s joy, sadness, devotion, patriotism, and so on.

My tribute and Pranam to the great soul of India, as she was not only a soulful singer, but led a simple, disciplined and dedicated life.

We can learn so much from her life, not only with respect to music, but her simplicity, humility, love for the country, love and sacrifice for the family, respect for parents, and her positive attitude towards life.