The Omnipresent and The Infinite— Poem

Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

Yet another day of sufferings,

And, I could survive again,

I could feel your comforting hands,

On my head, and around me,

But again, I could not see you,

Those endless miserable moments,

When I was all alone and devastated,

Then I could listen to, your whispers to me,

Stay strong, start again, wipe your tears,

I eagerly searched for you—

All around, near and far,

But again, I couldn’t see you anywhere,

Among mountains, and rivers,

Among deserts, and forests,

Among gardens, and fountains,

But you were nowhere to be seen,

Perhaps, you are within my heart and soul,

In joys and sorrows, you never leave me alone,

I find my strength from within— from you,

Perhaps, you are everywhere,

As far as the eyes can see, and beyond,

You are my roof of protection,

You can never leave me alone,

You are Infinite, You are Omnipresent.