Chandelier: Wordless Wednesday

Chandeliers, Photo by ©chitrangadasharan

Chandeliers are the marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewellery of architecture.”—Peter York

Thank you Fellow Writers

Thank you fellow writers @chitrangadasharan

Many thanks for this milestone WordPress.

Gratitude to all those who read my posts.

Thank you for your support. 🙏🙏

सर्दियों का मौसम और चाय

Tea time @Chitrangadasharan

वैसे तो आमतौर पर, हर भारतीय घर में चाय से ही दिन की शुरुआत होती है,

लेकिन सर्दियों में उस गर्म चाय की प्याली का मज़ा ही कुछ और होता है ।

ख़ासकर अगर चाय में अदरक, या हरी इलायची, या लौंग, या दालचीनी कूट कर मिलायी गई हो।

ना सिर्फ़ ये स्वाद में अच्छा होता है, बल्कि सेहत के लिए भी श्रेष्ठ है ।

और अगर ये चाय कुल्हड़ में पियें तो मज़ा दुगना होना स्वाभाविक है,

और अगर साथ में प्याज़ के पकौड़े हो जायें, तो कहना ही क्या!!

तो इन्तज़ार क्यों करना, हो जाए!!

Weekend Treats: Winter Special

Winter season in India, brings with it lot of green vegetables and fruits. As such, fruit desserts and sweets are popular and easy to make. One such dessert is ‘Gazar ka halwa’ or carrot Helwa, homemade with fresh carrots.

Gazar ka halwa, @chitrangadasharan

Talking about greens, Methi paratha is another popular winter recipe, made with fresh methi leaves (Fenugreek).

And, the mixed vegetables go well with it. For example, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, green beans, green peas, cooked with some slices of tomatoes.

So, what are you cooking for this weekend?

Weekend Thoughts: Self Care

Relax and rejuvenate amidst Nature, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

You will never speak to anyone, as much as, you speak to yourself, in your head.

So, please be kind to yourself, and spend sometime amidst ‘Nature.’

Nature is the ultimate healer, the real place to de-stress, to rejuvenate, to recharge, with positive vibes.

It’s indeed the best place to be for physical and psychological well being.

Having some ‘Me’ time is essential, and what better place to be, than ‘Mother Nature!’

Spend some ‘Me’ time in Nature, picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

Weekend Thoughts: Patience and Perseverance

My Thoughts, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

Life is a journey with many ups and downs, pleasure and pain, some successes and many failures.

Sometimes, we get stuck up in life. Nothing seems to work, even though we put our sincere and best efforts, and we are on the verge of giving up.

Then, somehow we gather the broken pieces together— start again, fail again, then start again— and the process goes on and on.

But, it’s an established fact that, those who don’t give up, do succeed, at some point of time.

I am sure, people have such stories to share with others.

Sharing those stories, might give others hope, and confidence, and we should often do that.

Try to be someone’s motivation, in their trying times. It is a satisfying experience.



Thank You: Wordless Wednesday

Gratitude for Everything, Happy Thanksgiving Day 🌹🌹🌹

Thank You for everything, Google Image
Thank you for the Sunshine, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan
Thank you for home and family, ©Chitrangadasharan
Thank you for the food, ©Chitrangadasharan
Thank you for the birds, ©Chitrangadasharan
Thank you for the Moon, ©Chitrangadasharan
Thank you for the Sea, rivers, ©Chitrangadasharan

Weekend Thoughts: Self Improvement

My Thoughts, Yellow Rose by ©Chitrangadasharan

Self Improvement is an ongoing process.

The moment, we start believing that we have reached perfection, we stop improving.

And, I believe that there is always scope for more learning, more progress, more perfection.

Not only does self- improvement help you to perform better in your already existing skills, but it also helps you to help others.

You feel better, more confident, with more self belief, and positive thoughts in everything you do.

As we age, we should not start thinking that, ‘Yes! I have achieved everything. I have fulfilled my duties and responsibilities etc. And, what more there is to do?’

No, there is so much to learn, even from the younger generation.

Now is the time to give back to the society, what we have learned and earned.

We should be progressive, open to new ideas, and a desire to learn more, and more.

Life is for learning and there is no end to it, until and unless there is an end to life itself.

Happy Weekend 🌹🌹🌹