Hello February—Poem.

Fragrant, Flowers of February,

Flamboyant and Fluorescent,

Harmonious, and alive,

Bright, aromatic blossoms,

My heart rejuvenated,

The Senses stimulated,

Excited and awakened,

Vibrant and motivated.

© Chitrangada Sharan

Picture by Chitrangada Sharan

Picture Copyright © Chitrangada Sharan

The Peacock—Poem

Glowing green, black and blue,

Satin silk feathers, that flow,

Wrapped like a flowing skirt,

Elegantly like a bridal gown,

Standing gracefully,

With an impressive crown,

God’s own creation—The Peacock.

© Chitrangada Sharan

Picture by © Chitrangada Sharan

The Old Banyan Tree—Poem

Walking past the old Banyan tree,

My eyes are surprised to see,

Who had planted thee,

To give shelter to me,

A thought comes to me,

To plant many more trees,

For my great-grand children to see.

© Chitrangada Sharan

All Rights Reserved.

Banyan Tree, © Chitrangada Sharan

All Rights Reserved.


Walking past the fallen flowers,

Gently reminding me that life is fragile,

That end is natural, inevitable.

—Chitrangada Sharan.


Picture by: Chitrangada Sharan

Welcome 2021

A Warm Welcome to 2021. Please be nice to everyone.

Happy New Year Everyone. Let’s welcome the New Year with hope, faith, gratitude and prayers.


Should I,

Shouldn’t I,

Is it difficult,

Is it easy,

Will I succeed,

Will I fail,

Path seems long,

Path isn’t that far,

Shouldn’t I give it a try,

Shouldn’t I return at once,

No—I must try,

No—I must go for it,

Yes—I must believe in myself,

Yes—I will succeed.

—-Chitrangada Sharan

Dilemma—Poem by Chitrangada Sharan

Picture by: Chitrangada Sharan

The Silver Lining—Haiku

Looking upwards, at moving clouds,

Their freedom, makes me envious,

But the Silver lining, makes me joyous.

—Chitrangada Sharan

My Garden Today—Red Rose

Every morning, after awakening, I head straight towards my small garden. It’s a beautiful feeling to be amongst the fresh blooms, admire their beauty, talk to them, exchange smiles, and breathe in the fresh air.

Flowers teach us important lessons of life. They coexist, without being jealous of other blooming flowers around them.

In spite of their short span of life, they keep smiling, spread joy and happiness to whoever comes near them.

They only give, and do not expect anything in return. Make it a daily habit, to spend some of your time, amidst the greens.

You will feel recharged and rejuvenated.

—Chitrangada Sharan