Shubh Shri Ganesh Chaturthi

©Chitrangada Sharan

May the 10 day of Shri Ganeshotsav bring joy, hope, happiness, good health, prosperity and blessings to everyone.

May the destroyer of evils and obstacles bless everyone abundantly.

May Ganapati ji Maharaj spread positivity and optimism to everyone around the World.


©Chitrangada Sharan

Photography is My Hobby: The World Photography Day

©Chitrangada Sharan

One Flower is enough to brighten my day.

I love to capture the beauty of the flowers, through my photography. Flowers, don’t live for long, but in photos, they do.

In the very short span of their life, they spread joy, happiness and beauty.

Let’s learn from the flowers. 🌹🌹

©Chitrangada Sharan

India At 75: Happy Independence Day 2021

Happy Independence Day 🇮🇳🇮🇳

On this glorious day, let’s take time out and reflect— How precious is our Freedom!

Remember to be grateful to those, who sacrificed their lives, to make our Freedom a reality.


©Chitrangada Sharan

Flower Rangoli

Flower Rangoli,Picture by ©Chitrangada Sharan

Rangoli is a traditional Indian folk art, and an integral part of Indian culture.

It’s considered auspicious to draw Rangolis, on special occasions, weddings, pujas, festivals, especially Diwali.

Rangoli can be made with rice flour, turmeric powder, coloured sand, flowers etc.

It’s a skill, which is passed on from one generation to the other.

In the picture, you can see flower Rangoli, made with lotus flower, and marigold flowers, to welcome Gods and Goddesses.

©Chitrangada Sharan

Earth Day 2021

When we say, ‘Earth’—What images come to our minds?

Forests, Mountains, Oceans, rivers, soil, air, the scenic beauty, the wildlife habitat, the minerals and so-so many such wonderful things.

And, we have all this in abundance. Mother Earth only gives to us.

But, do we use these beautiful resources judiciously?

I am afraid, not!

Let’s take the pledge—To restore, what the mankind has in common—

The Earth 🌍🌏🌎

Let’s do our bit of contribution!

©Chitrangada Sharan

Happy Earth Day

Picture ©Chitrangada Sharan

होली है— Happy Holi 2021

जब दिलों में उमंग हो— तो होली है,

जब अपनों का संग हो—तो होली है,

फागुन का आगमन हो—तो होली है,

फूलों के रंग ही रंग हों—तो होली है,

अनेकों व्यंजनों की ख़ुशबू हो—तो होली है,

रंग ही रंग हर ओर हो—तो होली है,

उत्साहित और प्रसन्नचित हों, जब भी—

तभी तो होली है—-

रंगों की होली है, ख़ुशियों की होली है ।

©Chitrangada Sharan

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Happy Valentine’s Day 🌹🌹

Love is in the air,

Love and care,

Are the basis,

Without which,

Life is rare,

Let the love,

Never fade with time,

Make it timeless,

For those who care.

©Chitrangada Sharan

© Chitrangada Sharan

Welcome 2021

A Warm Welcome to 2021. Please be nice to everyone.

Happy New Year Everyone. Let’s welcome the New Year with hope, faith, gratitude and prayers.

So, What Are You Thankful For?

Every day is a blessing.

The first time, when I learnt about ‘The Thanksgiving Day,’ I was curious about the significance of this festival. Thanks to the technology, I was able to understand the importance of this wonderful festival, by Googling it.

As I understand, the festival is celebrated to be grateful for everything we have in this mortal world. Have a sense of gratitude, and express it, by words and deeds. I liked the reasons and why not?

We have the habit of taking the things we have, for granted, rather than expressing our appreciation or gratitude for it. We must do it as much as we can.

The idea of celebrating festivals in India or anywhere else in the World, is to celebrate the gift of life, to spend quality time with the loved ones, family and friends, to spread happiness. And whenever we do all this, good food and decorations are obviously there.

What’s the benefit of doing all these celebrations?

The benefits are rejuvenation, and the generation of plenty of positive energy and positive thoughts.

The thought of expressing gratitude for what we have in life is amazing. When you start counting your blessings, you will be amazed.

The Sunshine, the moonlight, the river, the seas, the rains, the crops, the forests, food, home and the list is endless.

Not to forget, Our freedom and our education.

Then our family, parents, spouse, children, siblings, friends— again the list goes on.

So, what are you thankful for in life? Please mention in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving Day. 🙏🙏🌺🌺