My Thoughts: Monday Motivation

Live in the moment ©Chitrangadasharan

Sometimes we are too stressed about certain things happening around, and in our lives. We make all the efforts to correct that situation, but fail in doing so.

Always remember— Usually, Things do not happen, as we plan them to be.

We may think something, but the ‘Supreme Power’ may be smiling ‘up’ and thinking something altogether different.

There is a saying in Hindi, which means that, If things happen according to your plans, it’s very good. But, if things happen according to ‘His (The Almighty’s Plan), it’s excellent.

Because, everything ‘The Almighty’ does is for our good, and good for the larger interests of others.

So, enjoy every moment of life, do your best, and leave the rest (to the Almighty.)

Keep Doing Great Work: My Thoughts


One week (8 days to be precise) is already over in the new year.

All of us make plans and schedules and resolutions, as the new year commences.

As I looked at the calendar today, I was surprised to find that one week has already passed away.

But, still we have 51 weeks left. 👍👍

So, I am thinking of speeding up my work, finishing those plans, which I had promised to myself.

No more excuses, about weather, about visitors, about any other things.

Hope all of you are keeping your word (to yourself)!

Keep working hard, keep doing great.


To The New Beginnings: 2023

Nainital Lake, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

The new year has already begun, with today being the first working day of 2023.

Times have changed, and the ways to celebrate the New Year has also changed.

During my childhood days, new year eve meant, staying at home with family, lots of yummy food, and the good old Doordarshan.

Since winter season is at it’s peak, we stayed in our cozy homes, wrapped in warm clothes, and watched each and every program of Doordarshan.

Nowadays, no one wants to stay at home. They want to spend this fabulous last week of the year at a beautiful holiday destination, or an organised terrace party, or a community club and so on.

No complaints whatsoever— I have enjoyed it then, and enjoy it now. One must move according to the changing times.

So, we spent our new year eve at Nainital, a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand state of India.

Nainital is worth visiting, with it’s vast lakes, amazing Mall Road, fascinating restaurants and hotels, and of course the breathtakingly and gorgeous Nature.

Sharing some pictures with the best wishes for a —

Happy, Joyful, and Prosperous New Year 2023 to everyone


The Himalayan mountains view, Nainital, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

The Spirit of Christmas


It’s Christmas time and it’s wonderful to see happy faces all around, in the markets, shopping malls, and elsewhere. Like others, I love to see the decorations of Christmas.

This also reminds me of my childhood and the sweet memories of my children’ s growing up days. They loved to dress up, and go to the Christmas parties organised in their schools, and our residential colony clubs.

The teachers used to dress up as Santa Claus, with big bags of yummy chocolates, cookies etc. My children enjoyed every bit of the celebrations and we parents also had fun along with them.

Happy and proud to be an Indian, where every religious festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and excitement.

These pictures are from The Mall of India, Noida, India, and the cake is homemade by my daughter.

Merry Christmas to everyone 🎄🌲🎄🌲

Chandelier: Wordless Wednesday

Chandeliers, Photo by ©chitrangadasharan

Chandeliers are the marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewellery of architecture.”—Peter York

Thank you Fellow Writers

Thank you fellow writers @chitrangadasharan

Many thanks for this milestone WordPress.

Gratitude to all those who read my posts.

Thank you for your support. 🙏🙏