Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

We can’t appreciate the ‘light’, if we don’t experience the ‘darkness.‘

One must be able to know, about their own ‘darkness’, in order to deal with the ‘darkness’ in other people.

‘Light’ and ‘Darkness’ are part of our lives.

You cannot view the Moon and the Stars, unless you have the backdrop of ‘darkness.’

‘Light’ and ‘darkness’ exist side by side. Sometimes, they explain each other, and at other times, they overlap each other.

The ‘darkness’ within us, or around us, might be easy to ‘light’ up, if we use the ‘light’ we have within us, to reform ourselves, or in other words, improve our thinking (positive).

“Life isn’t just about darkness or light, rather it’s about finding light within the darkness.”—-Landon Parham