My Garden Marigold
Pictures by ©Chitrangadasharan

There is nothing like the beautiful sight of blooming flowers in your home garden. It’s a wonderful feeling to see them grow and blossom, if you have planted them, by yourself.

Marigolds or Genda, as it is popularly called in India, is a common flower, used in almost every home, for puja (worship) purpose, or wedding decorations, in mandaps ( the place where wedding rituals, are performed).

It’s used on almost every special occasion, for garlands, for Toran (door or gate decorations).

Marigolds have a gentle fragrance and it’s bright golden colour is synonymous with positive vibes.

Genda or the marigolds are symbolic of Lord Sun, and Lod Vishnu according to Sanatan Dharma.

Recently, I found out that this beautiful flower can be grown by it’s own dried petals.

My Marigold blossoms, grown with dried petals, Picture by ©Chitrangadasharan

The process is simple—

Just collect the marigolds from the plants. Cut it neatly, once they start to dry a little after blooming.

On a paper, break and spread the petals and let them dry.

Spread on moist soil, and sprinkle water on them.

Make sure, not to water too much.

Plant them, where there is at least 4-5 hours of Sunlight.

Within two weeks, you can see small sprouts.

And, you can see the flower buds, within 2-3 months.

Marigolds or Genda flowers can be found throughout the year in India, but the best season to plant them is October-November, and Vasant or Spring season in India.

Hope you all would love to plant some Marigolds in your home garden.

Please follow the link to know the detailed procedure of growing your own Marigold flowers.

How to grow Marigolds, in your garden, from it’s dried petals.

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