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An ancient festival, to worship The Sun — The Chath Puja is celebrated primarily in Bihar, and other states such as, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi in India.

The Sun is the ultimate source of energy, and therefore it makes sense to pay our respects and gratitude to the Sun.

In this festival, there is a custom to worship the setting Sun, along with the rising Sun.

This festival is celebrated by standing in a water body, generally in a revered river, such as the Ganga, or the Yamuna. Those who perform puja, stand with folded hands, and then with offerings, mainly composed of fruits and vegetables, and homemade sweets, with all purity.

Basically, this is a festival to worship Mother Nature, because of which their is life of all the living creatures.

Purity, cleanliness, devotion, family togetherness, community spirit, perseverance are some of the wonderful things, which make this 4 days festival, unique and a true Vedic tradition of India.